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Carpets Cleaning

Maintaining the daily cleanness in the house, we don’t even suspect the danger hidden in the covering and seating furniture. The microparticles invisible for the human eye and the microbes are accumulated year by year in inaccessible places. Only a professional chemical cleaning can remove completely the impregnated impurity from the household devices.

The "Arta Curățeniei" ( "Art of Cleaning" ) company offers services of chemical cleaning of carpets and carpet flooring in your house. We use special equipment which ensures the qualitative cleaning of carpets and other coverings of any difficulty.

Our services include the following works:

  • The chemical cleaning of carpet flooring;
  • The chemical cleaning of carpets;
  • The chemical cleaning of Venetian shutters;

Believe us, it is better to entrust the cleaning of the carpet to the professionals, because your carpet will be cleaned qualitatively.

The used chemical agents meet all European sanitary norms and the surfaces processed after the cleaning are inoffensive for people and pets.

Equipment for carrying out the works

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