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Cleaning of Carpet Flooring

The carpet flooring is a nice type of floor deck, which fits any ambience. Unfortunately, the carpet flooring doesn’t refer to the category of practical surfaces, because its fixing on the floor doesn’t permit to take it off for being transported to the dry-cleaning, like a common carpet. But sometimes, there are such impurities that are very difficult to remove individually. And, in any case, the individual cleaning of the carpet flooring is not recommended.

Ok, there are specialized cleaning companies for which cleaning carpet floorings is an ordinary thing, made at the highest level. The “chemical cleaning of the carpet flooring” service is offered directly at home. Depending on the type of the surface, on which the carpet flooring is fixed and the type of impurity – the specialists will choose the corresponding technology.

The chemical cleaning of the carpet flooring can be medium dry, wet and intensive. The first is made with special foam applied on the surface and removed, at the end, with a special machine. The wet chemical cleaning of the carpet flooring is made by using the disc machine, which clean the flooring through its intensive mechanical method. The intensive cleaning supposes the use of the same machine, but with an individual approach for each type of spots.

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