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Cleaning of Furniture

Maintenance of surfaces requires a professional attitude, especially, when we speak about the cleaning of furniture. It is wrong to think that buying such an expensive object, like a bed or an armchair, someone could only remove, from time to time, the dust with a wet duster in order to look after them. The cleaning of the soft furniture doesn’t include only this. You don’t take care of your expansive Italian shoes only wiping them with a wet rag. You use different shoe polish, special wax, protecting coverings and other means. But your furniture needs a better care, because the price of the shoes and the price of the bed are things that can’t be compared. The inadequate care may deteriorate the aspect of an expensive object and can soon lead to the uselessness of it.

In order to extend the term, during which your furniture will look as new, you should occasionally use the special service of the specialized cleaning companies, called the chemical cleaning of furniture. This process needs special abilities, cleaning agents and necessary equipment, which only professionals have. Besides, the furniture, which must have a perfect aspect, has not to be transported anywhere. The specialists will do everything at home. They will take into consideration the type of leather, of which your furniture was manufactured and will select the corresponding program in this sense.

  • Chemical cleaning of beds
  • Chemical cleaning of armchairs
  • Chemical cleaning of chairs

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