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Tariffs – Price list for rendered services


After repair works from 20 lei/m²
Urgent from 20 lei/m²
General from 15 lei/m²
Maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly) according to cost estimate

Cleaning - Windows, Vitrines

Inside windows from 15 lei/m²
Outside windows from 20 lei/m²
Washing of Venetian shutters from 20 lei/m²
Washing of vitrages from 10 lei/m²

Carpet Dry Cleaning,
carpet flooring, furniture

Cleaning of carpets 35 lei/m²
Cleaning of carpet flooring from 20 lei/m²
Cleaning of sofas from 450 lei/pc.
Cleaning of armchairs from 150 lei/pc.
Cleaning of chairs from 25 lei/pc.

Cleansing leather furniture

Cleaning of sofas 200 lei /seat/
Cleaning of armchairs 250 lei/pc.
Cleaning of chairs 45 lei/pc.

Mini - Calculator

Tipe of service Price / lei
After repair works 0
Urgent 0
General 0
Inside windows 0
Outside windows 0
Washing of Venetian shutters 0
Washing of vitrages 0
Carpets 0
Carpet flooring 0
Amount and cleaning metric area 0 0


Additional conditions:s

- Night work (from 22.00 till 8.00) + 15% to the total cost.

- The tariffs are informative and can be negociated, depending on the size of surfaces, periodicity and impurity level.

- The tariffs include the costs of wear of the working equipment, inventory and machines, detergents, the value of work, the necessary supervision and movement of the team. The cost of works and the range of services are estimated after the examination of object by out expert. The examination and call of our expert to the place of order is free of charge.

- The price is established by the administration of the "Arta Curățeniei" ( "The Art of Cleaning" ) company on 01.01.2014, with the right to be changed.