Cleaning Service

Cleaning of Facades

Each building begins with the façade. The façade is that very “cloth” which reveals us the interior world of the premises. Different natural phenomena always influence the building’s exterior, therefore, washing the façade is necessary for transforming the aspect of the building and for its integrity too.

Our machine is autonomous and is equipped with 1000 l of water, with 4 purification levels. So, the deionized water is supplied through the 100-meter-hoses and the 12V-pumps in ultra-light rods (of only 3 kg) of carbon fibre at a 22-meters height. The windows, frames and façade of the building are drying without pouring spots and shine of cleanness. The director of a commercial centre said that his commercial centre looked as it left a car wash.

This method has many advantages which make it indispensable when we speak about the professional washing at height of windows and facades.

1. Ergonomics and safety – you don’t have to use stepladders and lifting devices. The washing machine stays on the ground “on 2 feet”.

2. Quickness and efficiency – it is not necessary to eliminate the water from the window, changing constantly the instrument. The water is drying without leaving spots.

3. Quality – the impurity is moved off the window frames, the joints and junctions are cleaned too. Therefore, even on a rainy day the windows will remain clean.

We use a UNIQUE SYSTEM OF FAÇADE WASHING and we are able to remove the most persistent impurity, not only without deteriorating the surfaces, but also prolonging their further exploitation.

You can order the full range of windows maintenance services:

- Removal of atmospheric contaminants,

- Removal of pouring spots,

- Cleaning of mould,

- Removal of soot,

- Cleaning of cement residues and construction waste,

- Washing of showcases,

- Washing of windows,

- Washing of pavilions,

- Washing of billboards.

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