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Washing of Vitrines

The image of every city is made of parks, alleys, streets and numerous buildings. But very few of us have ever thought what makes the beauty of a city? In general, it depends on the cleanness. And, especially, on the cleanness of buildings. Any city building, even the most beautiful and special, loose its attractiveness if it becomes dirty in the result of the atmosphere phenomena, transport, industrial pollution etc. And no matter how clean is the building on the inside, the exterior aspect represents the city’s image and the vitrines, if they are.

Washing vitrines is not a simple occupation. It needs the implication not only of the special workers, but also of the special equipment and outfit. In this case, you can not avoid the services of the cleaning company, which will offer qualified specialists and the necessary inventory for washing the vitrines: rubber fittings, special washing solutions, rags, sponges etc. It is to mention that the powder components and the shaggy brushes are not good for this.

The processing of vitrines begins with the dry cleaning of frames and all constructions. Then begins the wet processing of windows: the special cleaning solution is applied on the glass and is left for several minutes, in order to penetrate the impurities. After that, the surface is processed mechanically, that means with the special brushes and rubber fittings. Then, the windows are washed with clean water and are dried with special devices.

It should be also mentioned that the vitrines are washed 2-4 times a year, depending on the floor and their placement (vitrines situated on inferior levels becomes dirty quicker). And, at the end, don’t forget that clean windows can make happy everyone – those from the inside of the building and those outside of it.

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