Arta Curățenei - Cleaning and Maintenance Service



our price list

Minimum order - 1800 lei.

After repair from 40 lei/m2
Emergency from 45 lei/m2
General from 35 lei/m2
Maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly) according to the estimate of expenditure
Washing windows, stained glass, facades

Windows from inside from 35 lei/m2
Windows from outside from 40 lei/m2
Stained glass washing from 20 lei/m2
Washing of glass facades from 15 lei/m2
Washing of etalbon facades from 15 lei/m2
Dry cleaning of carpets, rugs, soft furnishings

Carpet Cleaning from 45 lei/m2
Rugs Cleaning from 35 lei/m2
Sofa Cleaning from 750 lei/m2
Armchair Cleaning from 350 lei/m2
Chair Cleaning from 50 lei/m2
Cleaning leather furniture

Sofa Cleaning 350 lei/ seat
Armchair Cleaning from 300 lei/piece
Chair Cleaning from 50 lei/piece